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Some machines never reach completion. Consisting of over a thousand individual parts, they’re always in need and in search of new ones. Fabrik Royale is such a contraption. The band from the south of the Netherlands is not only made up of the four musicians creating its music, words and vision, but also of the influences and encounters it picks up along the way. The machine gets refined day after day by inner growth and transformation, by shared experiences of other music enthusiasts, by exposure to the unknown, by truly connecting to that idea, person…or part. By opening up like a flower in bloom to feel that song, that story, that poem, that photograph.
After roaming through the vast landscape of life, forces were combined and engines fired up once again, to restore Fabrik Royale as a musical entity. With their 2016 EP “The Same Machine” Fabrik Royale explores subjects like growth, connection and conflict. The band’s goal is not only to create music, but to use their songs as a vehicle for both band members and listeners to share an experience, to feel united and part of the same unit, to return to the origin of everything, to tap into the same energy, together. The machine running on full speed offers excitement, it makes you feel alive. You’re invited to be part of it.

Fabrik Royale is not just about brownr, Loek, Deef or Vaas, nor is it only about you or me. It’s about us.

Every cog counts. Let us once more be part of the same machine.


Quick facts:
– Consists of members of Stowistow (toured Russia), Svetlana (winner Eindhovense Popprijs), Envasadora and We almost killed the cabin crew
– Played Paradiso Amsterdam
– Supported Mother Tongue, Borehole and Lawn
– Released two EP’s: “One Eyed Idiot” (mixed and mastered by Pieter Kloos) and “The Same Machine” (mastered by Pieter Kloos)